Field trips are great activities for playgroups, daycares, scout troops, homeschool groups, church youth groups and school classrooms.  Climb, jump and tumble into a fun and exciting adventure for your special group.  The children will be able to use our gymnastics equipment and enjoy fun activities that are challenging to your group.  We also have in-ground trampolines, a rock wall, multiple giant inflatables, a foam pit and much more!

We are the largest gym in Carbondale, IL! Children will have the opportunity to experience gymnastics and tumbling in a state-of-the-art facility. Your field trip will offer the opportunity for the children to explore the gym on their own. 

1 hour of play: $3 per kid

1 hour and 30 minutes of play: $5 per kid

We require a minimum of 10 children present at the field trip.

We can accommodate children of all ages, and there is no limit to the number of children you can bring (we may however require you divide a large group into multiple times). Pre-K ages require one chaperone to 8 kids, and classes Kindergarten and up require one chaperone to 10 kids.

Clothing should allow freedom of movement, because the kids will move a lot!  T-shirts with shorts work best for both boys & girls.  Jeans are not an appropriate item to wear in the gym.  Long hair should be tied back and jewelry should not be worn to the field trip.  Children will be barefoot in the gym to help with traction on the equipment. 

*Note that any child who has crutches or a cast, splint, bandage, etc. on any part of their body is NOT allowed in the gym area.*

Please contact our office to schedule a time for your group to join the Ultimate fun!! We offer field trips all-year round.